Empower your clients to eat smarter

The best way to create beautiful meal plans, help your clients achieve success and grow your business.

Everything in one place

Your community news feed, favourite healthy recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, collections, and private recipe box in a single place.


Your personalized feed of announcements, stories, and most recent meal plans


Delicious, healthy meal ideas tested in-house with new inspiration added every week


Grab one of our done-for-you meal plans or get creative and build your own


Based on your meal plan, your grocery list will be automatically generated


Effortlessly keep all your recipes and meal plans organized any way you want

Recipe Box

Easily add your own private recipes and build delicious meal plans with them

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Love using your meal planner

One size does not fit all. We’ve made it super simple for you to build and customize meal plans that are perfect for your clients.

Powerful, flexibile and fun, all in the name of saving you time...

Adjustable Serving Sizes


Simple Drag n' Drop

Side Dishes

Creating beautiful meal plans has never been this easy

Our tools have been carefully designed to give you serious superpowers so you can give your clients something tailored to them in minutes, not hours.


Include only what you think your client needs on a per plan basis


Focus on the food and toggle nutrition information on or off


Give your client something optimized for printing at home or the office

Cover page

Include a branded cover page with a full sized recipe photo of your choice


Easily choose the recipes you want to include and in what order they should appear

Personal messages

Include special instructions for your client on a branded brief

Nutrition, the way it should be

Put away your calculator. We’ll handle the tricky analysis so you can easily generate balanced meal plans tailored to your client.

Real-time Analysis

Whether you’re adding or editing a recipe, we will calculate the nutrition information for you in real-time.

Daily Insights

Get daily breakdowns with up to 29 nutrients and macronutrient ratios directly in your Planner. As you adjust your plan, we update those nutrition breakdowns for you on the spot.

 Powered by USDA Food Composition Database

Do more for your clients, in less time

100% Original Recipes

All recipes are developed, tested and photographed right here in-house. We add new recipes every week.

Modify Original Recipes

Edit any of our recipes to suit your client's needs. Adjust any of the ingredients and we'll update the nutrition for you.


Easily find healthy meals perfect for you. Filter by meal type, cooking time, nutrition, ingredient and dietary preferences.


Quickly save filters that you use a lot so you can save time by applying them next time with a single click.

Advanced Nutrition

All recipes include nutrition info. If you're interested in calories, macros and more, we've got you covered.

PDF Branding

Easily upload your logo to brand all the recipes, grocery lists, and plans you export for clients.

Side Dishes & Portions

Easily add a side dish alongside any meal in your Planner. Adjust portion sizes to create the perfect amount of food.


Create beautiful documents that represent your brand identity in just minutes with our classic, modern, and bold themes.

Automatic Lists

Based on your meal plan the grocery list will be automatically generated and always kept up-to-date.

Ongoing Coaching

You get access to advanced training and regularly scheduled coaching sessions to help you grow your business.

Snippets & Templates

Save frequently used blocks of text or select from our pre-made templates so you can save time and be more efficient.

Editable Prep Guides

An editable prep guide is included with all of our Programs. Easily adjust to set your clients up for success.

Empower your clients to eat smarter

The best way to create beautiful meal plans, help your clients succeed and grow your business.

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